How do I become a member?

Click the BUY MEMBERSHIP NOW button. Choose your membership option and enter your email address to register/sign in. You will be asked for your name and mobile number Compete and pay with your card. A Welcome email will be sent within an hour so check your inbox. 

Is there a physical membership card?

No, just save your ID to your smartphone homescreen for easy access. You can save the ID web app on your phone by selecting + Add to homescreen which is at the top of the home page [house icon].


How do I get my membership ID to work?

The membership ID is a digital web app that sits on your smart phone. When you have completed the purchase of your membership from the i-on website you will receive an email link to your ID. Click the link and it will take you to https://ionmagazine.eber.co/ where your ID will live. For more on the digital ID, click here.


Where do I find all the offers?

Go to Offers & upgrades on the menu and look in each 'room' for the offers and upgrades available.


How do I show my ID when redeeming an offer?

Access your digital ID and show the retailer. Alternatively visit https://ionmagazine.eber.co and sign in. You’ll then be asked to enter your phone number and your ID will appear.


How do I redeem my reward voucher?

Click the rewards [gift icon] in the web app. Select your reward and click claim. Show this to the supplier when redeeming.


How do I change my password?

Click on your account [person icon] and click details. Scroll down and you’ll find change password. Remember to click save.


I’ve forgotten my password, what do I do?

Sign in with your phone number then click forgot password. You will then get an email with a link to reset your password, change the details and once the green box activates you’ll know it’s been successful.


My phone's died. Have I lost my ID?

No. You can still access your membership ID at https://ionmagazine.eber.co

 Just enter your email and password to see your account [person icon]


How do I change my photo?

Click on your account [person icon] and click photo and you will be prompted the option to take a new one via your camera or select one from your photo library


How do I change my email address?

Click on your account [person icon] and click details then overtype your email address with your new one. Click save at the bottom of the screen.