Set up and start using your i-on membership


Welcome to your new member's ID.

The membership ID is a digital web app that sits on your smart phone. When you have completed the purchase of your membership on the app (on your phone, PC, iPad or Mac) you will receive an email with a link to your ID. If you don't get a link, simply login at https://ionmagazine.eber.co/membership  

A web app is software that sits on a website. It is a live site which means that your information, rewards and messages are live so they can be updated. 

If you have not completed your account set up or you are accessing your ID on a different phone or laptop, you may be asked for your password. If you haven't created a password, opt for the four digit code to be emailed to you. Enter the code and then complete the set up. 

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Home | Rewards | Notifications | Account


About the Member's ID

The ID is made up of four pages:

Home | Rewards | Notifications |  Account 

You will need to complete the registration process including payment to validate your membership. Remember to upload a photo of yourself to qualify for all the member benefits.

The account page of the app is where your digital ID sits. 

You can save the ID web app on your phone by selecting + Add to homescreen which is at the top of the home page.


Mobile Web App – A web application is running on a web server out in the cloud and is accessed through a web browser like Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer.  Data is typically saved in the cloud and the application is formatted to be easy to use on a phone or tablet.  These are usually accessible from a desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Mobile App – A native mobile application is an app that is running on your device that has been downloaded from an app store.  These applications exist and are running on your device and typically use limited web technology.  Some mobile applications do have web views or are a hybrid where some features are exposed as just embedded web pages.


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